All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan as a part of the room and board package. Off Campus students are invited to eat at the Bear's den or Rocky Dining. Off Campus students can also purchase commuter block meal plan or add money to their Bear Card for dining on campus.

Yes! You can change your meal plan if it does not fit your needs.Students are allowed to reduce their meal plans until the 5th day of class each semester. A new meal plan may be added or an existing plan may be increased at any time during the semester. Meal plans can be changed by using the meal plan change request.

Meals from the previous week do not roll over if you are on the Carte Blanche ( Unlimited Plan) or 10 meals per week plan. The new week begins with breakfast on Monday. If you are on any of the block meal plans they do not expire at the end of the week.

Yes you may bring a guest down to eat in the Rocky Dining. If you have a block meal plan you may use your meals to pay for a guest. If you live in the dorms you have a regular meal plan and in this case you may only use your meals for yourself.

Bear bucks are a like a pre-paid debit card with funds kept on your Bear Card. Bear bucks may be used at the Bear's Den or Rocky Dining.

Yes! You can add more bear bucks to your Bear card that can be used in our dining locations. Contact the housing office or purchase online at our shop now site.

Yes! You can purchase one of our block meal plans either the 100 or 50, which have meals that do not expire weekly.  Another option is to add bear bucks to your Bear card for the purpose of dining at The Bear's Den or Rocky Dining Hall. You can purchase meal plans and add bear bucks to your card at the housing office or on our shop now site.

Please reach out to our General Manager and Food Service Manager and set up a personal meeting. We do our best to make everyone feel safe and comfortable, please let us help you navigate our dining services and make a plan for you!

Lost or stolen Meal Cards can be replaced. Should this happen to you, please contact the Housing Office and the Rocky Dining team immediately.